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XCOM 2 Viper King Guide: DLC Tips for Enduring the Initial Ruler

The Viper King is considered as the first of the new baddies you will encounter and if you are doing the DLC as a second play through that the squad will brawl to survive the Viper King. Here, you will discover and learn the effective tips on how to survive and defeat the Viper King XCOM 2.

  • Viper King is not destined to be crushed- The most important thing that you must realize is that you will not be beating the Viper King especially on your first encounter unless you are doing the DLC as a play through. His health is higher than your whole combined squad. Identical to the other latest Ruler units, the Viper King interchanges after the action of each squad. The move sets of the Viper King includes:
  • Choke is considered as the advanced style of Bind ability that usually deals additional damage and has a chance to knock the target unconscious.
  • Freezing Breath is a deadly area of effect that has the ability to freeze multiple targets simultaneously.
  • Big number of health will take numerous engagements to diminish.
  • Will bid an entryway to escape the fight after devastating the soldiers or being rushed off.

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Your goal in your first encounter is to bump off an adequate amount of health so that the Viper King beckons a portal. In order for you to do this, the best solution is distance. When you recognize the Viper King is present on the mission, the ideal strategy is to group up and move at a snail’s pace and keep at least one or two soldiers on Overwatch. Overwatch is the only chance you have to get more than one shot off on him per turn.

xcom Viper King

Stagger and Choke

The Viper King wraps up a certain soldier, smears pressure and you have one to two actions in order to save the schmuck that is being choked. You can halt the Choke in a form of shooting him, which is why it is important to buy a little time you can heal the choke. If you have a Specialist with Combat Medic, you can easily help someone who is caught out. When you break the choke, you need to pour on the fire. Sharpshooters tend to be the best counter against the Viper King.


One of the problems in struggling with the Viper King is the propensity to gap shots. All Vipers have high dodge chance. Grenades are surefire damage. The Viper King does not have much environment awareness. You can occasionally catch the Viper King to a truck or car or explosive object.

Portal means it is almost over for now

The Viper King can quickly leave just as speedily as the Viper King arrives. If you encounter the Viper King on a mission with a turn limit, good luck. As XCOM Loving redditors point out, it kills the fund of the DLC especially if they blast away.

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