The Beginner’s Guide


The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Ahead of the Lords Mobile Game

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to get you ahead of Lords Mobile? If it’s a guide to Heroes and Quests that you look for, here are some tricks and cheats you certainly need to know to help you get ahead of the game. It’s a compilation of the best tips to make it to the top of Lords Mobile.

The Beginner

The Beginner

Lords Mobile, created by IGG, is a real-time strategy-action game that has successfully made it popular these days. A lot has already been playing the game enough to figure out some useful tips and tricks to improve your strategy. On that note, here’s a simple guide to help you navigate through the game.

Getting New Heroes

In Lords Mobile, heroes are important key players as they help win battles on your territory. In order to get heroes, you will need to clear HeroStages, a few side quests you can access when you tap on the Hero Statue there in front of you territory by the castle moat. Every time you get to complete a HeroStage, you can get rewards and experience for the heroes who fought in the quest. Other times, you can unlock new heroes instead of rewards.

Controlling Your Heroes

What you need to control your heroes can all be found in the hero tab, a helmet icon found on the screen’s lower right-hand corner when you are in your home turf. The hero menu comes with three tabs that run along the right-hand side of the menu. These tabs let you do actions including:

  • Check Hero Type – tap on the icon to the right side of the hero’s picture in order to check for what kind of hero your hero is.
  • Background and Attributes – lets you read the background story of your hero as well as learn about their basic characteristics, abilities. The attributes can be found under the scroll tab on the right side of the trophies.
  • Battle and Hero Skills – find the battle and hero skills of your hero in the Book tab at the right side of the trophies.
  • Equip – equip an opened hero icon with new trophies when you tap on anything and say “Equip”. When you get the entire 6 pieces of equipment added to your hero, it will move up to a new rank.
  • Chest – lets you see all other hero-associated tools and item you have collected through HeroStages.
  • Question Mark – Shows all the other heroes you have not unlocked yet.

Level Up Your Heroes

One way that your hero can level up is when they gain enough experience. Every time they participate in quests, missions and HeroStages, they earn experience and when they get enough, it allows them to level up. To check for the experience level of your hero, you can check the experience bar in the Hero tab. Another way to get your heroes to level up is by collecting enough trophies to get a promotion.

As for using your hero in battles, the best advice is that you scout for the best troops for you to use in the battle. This way, you can choose the right hero and troops to fight the battle you will be in and essentially improve your chances of winning the battle. These are some of the useful things you need to know about your hero and in playing Lords Mobile to the best of it.

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