Stellaris Beginner’s Guide: Strategies, Tricks and Tips for Building your Initial Empire

Stellaris is dominating especially when it comes to the non-Uncharted discussion in message boards and comments section on the web. After two whole days of playing or researching Stellaris, here is a guide for everyone who wants to build to their initial empire. The guide is not yet complete but it has enough information and details that will greatly help you to start building your own empire. Here, you will discover and learn the useful strategies, tricks and tips for building your initial empire. Check these out:

  • Activate the Details Mapmode- In the bottom right part; you will see the checkbox that will activate the Details Mapmode. This will provide you with enough information from the start systems up to the available type and number of resources that are waiting to be claimed. When you look into it from the galaxy map, it is quite complicated but this information can be a great help to you.
  • Survey Everything- In Stellaris, data survey is very important. Apart from providing location date for the new resource nodes, data surveying will also help you to discover anomalies and habitable planets to colonize. When the game starts, the science ships must be on constant patrol for the latest star systems. Some players want the Passive mode since the ships will continue to survey. For every amoeba, there are lots of malevolent forces and pirates that won’t be so kind to unwary science ship.
  • Focus on the Resources during the Game- You are required to have a solid foundation in order to build the mid and late game. The size of the population affects lots of things in the Stellaris especially the research speed. It simply means that it is easy to automatically leave and incapable to match the expansion pace of the opposing empires if you don’t build sufficient mining and research stations. Players are suggested to maintain 10 Energy Credit and 30 Mineral Resource, but the Stellaris community recommended a higher energy credit surplus.
  • Build up the Military Early- Even if you decide to take the Stellaris approach, there are lots of empires on board at several given time. If you want to provide a line of defense for your homeworld, you need to build up a strong military presence before you focus on your expansion. By doing this, you can get away with fleets that have 150 military power since you are unlikely to encounter the pirates band. You need to make sure that you have a military presence in your star system.
  • Keep the Influence Stream Higher- It is a fact that having a stable stream of influence is considered as one of the most essential things that you need to secure for your first empire. Decommission and Democracies are both major drains especially in your influence stream. They never flows and they can be massive anchors on the development particularly if not handled properly.

The strategies, tricks and tips for building your initial empire that are stated above will serve as your guide and key to successful build your first empire. For more details, browsing the web is the best thing to do.

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