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XCOM 2 Berserker Queen Guide: DLC Tips for Defeating a Giant Beast

The Berserker Queen in DLC is no Viper King. The Viper King was lethal and fast while the Berserker Queen is brutal and slow. The Berserker Queen can lull you into a false sense of security. But when the Berserker Queen finishes the distance, don’t be shocked when the Berserker Queen is smashing your whole squad into a chaos. Here are some effective tips that will greatly help you to manage the beast. Check these out:

  • This useful guide is creatively intended and designed for players who are playing the Alien Hunters DLC as their 2nd play through and encounters the tough Rulers with their half squads.
  • If you are using your end game characters with their storm guns and plasma rifles, these Rulers are easier to sculpt down.
  • The Berserker Queen is stronger than a 2 dollar steak. She acquired 81 health and move set that is designed to easily kill the underpowered soldiers immediately.
  • Quake is an area of effect attack that has the ability to disable, stun and disorient targets.
  • Faithbreaker is a panic attack where a wounded target can be easily caught.
  • There is a large amount of health that will usually take various engagements to diminish.
  • The players want to keep their distance as much as they can, but the Berserker Queen will close the gaps quickly.
  • Your instinct is to acquire a ranger in close for a shotgun blast, but the Berserker Queen gets to react between the turns you take moving to firing and position. Anyone who is close to her is a death sentence.

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The Roof is not yet on Fire

The Berserker Queen can be defeated by deep-rooted fashioned brainpower. The Berserker Queen is a nasty big brute and when she gets in close, there is really no stopping her. However, you can keep the Berserker Queen at bay if you happen to face her on a stage with some ladders and roof. This strategy works best if you encounter the Berserker Queen alone. One rookie is better than an entire dead squad. If you want to face the Berserker Queen, all you need to do is to position your squad on nearby roof and plant your soldiers within the square where the ladder exoduses to the rooftop. By simply blocking the top of the ladder, it is impossible for the Berserker Queen to climb up. If there is no enemies around that will shoot your soldier who is blocking the ladder, you can easily hellfire down upon the Berserker Queen while she clumps around. If there are enemies who can shoot at your soldiers, you need to deploy defensive buffs such as Specialist’s aid protocol and smoke grenades to protect you.

Chase the Berserker Queen before it is too late

Once you use the rooftop strategy, you are one step closer to your victory. After this, you will just notice that the Berserker Queen has only 10 health. Using the helpful tips that are mentioned above, you can be sure that you can beat the Berserker Queen easily and with no hassles.

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