Beginners Tips on Far Harbor


Beginners Tips on Far Harbor: Guiding You across the Maine Fog

If you are an avid player of Fallout 4 then you have probably already spent hours and hours playing it. But, now that Fallout 4 Far Harbor has been released, the game has changed. With this new release, you get a new huge island to explore, which of course is filled with enemies. Along with that, you also get to have some new cool weapons and gear.

Those are what you can expect, plus some new groups of survivors which you can either befriend or if you want, you can just wipe them all out. When you put quite a number of hours into the new Fallout 4 Far Harbor, you will find it’s a great game so far. You can find some advantageous ways for you to play through and that’s good.

But, if you want to successfully get started with Fallout 4’s Far Harbor and get through the Maine fog with ease, here are some tips and tricks that can prove useful to you. You see, there is no level requirement for you to start with the Far Harbor content. However, it will come real handy if you have a few tricks under your sleeve.

  • Bring Nick Valentine

The thing with Far Harbor is that there’s a deep storyline behind it and Nick Valentine is tied to it. You see, you are here because of the request made to Valentine and his agency. So that means you need to find him and then take him with you. If you don’t bring him, it’s likely that you miss some insights and angles to the story.

  • How to Find Him

If you lost Valentine, there’s a guide you can use to find him but only if you are on PC. If you are playing on a console and you have lost him, you can only rely on luck in finding him and brining him along.

  • New Weapons and Armor

In all of Fallout 4, the Far Harbor is the place where you can find some of the best gears and weapons. Some of these weapons include the Marine Combat Armor and Harpoon Gun. When you click the links of the weapons named, you can learn of ways to get these new equipments and use them to the nasty enemies you can find in Far Harbor.

Aside from these tips, here are some of practical reminders when you are in Far Harbor:

  • Make sure that you have many Rad-X or other radiation countermeasure. It’s important that you prepare for radiation because the island is covered with it so you want to be protected anywhere you go.
  • Use the Animal Friend perk so that you can hide in certain occasions from the dangerous creatures that are roaming the island.
  • Use Aquaboy/girl perk so that you don’t get too irradiated since you k now, it’s an island and there’s going to be lots of water everywhere you go.

Apart from these tips, Far Harbor is mostly just about you using your strengths to the maximum. Keep on using your VATS and make sure you have enough stock Stimpaks and food. There are still plenty of things for you to discover in Far Harbor, but hopefully with these tips, you can have as much fun as you want out there.


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